Freewheel’s dossier

Conception, redaction, design and layout of the dossier of the project Freewheel Stockholm to Madrid. It exhibits and justifies all the material developed for the charity trip from Stockholm to Madrid by bicycle. The content is divided into four main sections: research, identity, applications (online and offline) and campaign.  

Ciento Volando: editorial project

Ciento Volando is an editorial project consisting of a magazine made by and for a young public. For Ciento Volando the concept, name, identity and design were created for the “Vol. 0” to later print and bind some copies. In addition to the design of the magazine, there were collaborators for the content whose common …

Divide: concept and packaging

Packaging design for Despelta’s new organic pasta line: Divide. The line has three varieties of organic pasta. The main feature of this packaging is that it can be easily divided into smaller packages with the recommended amount per person. This characteristic gives rise to its name which works for both the Spanish and English markets. …

Freewheel’s website

Web conceived and designed to provide online support to the Freewheel project. Its main functions are to expose the project clearly and to serve as a bridge and call to action to donate money to the project through the Freewheel donation platform.   Available in Spanish and English and fully responsive: