Hello! I’m Claudio, a young graphic designer based in Madrid. As a child, I was passionate about drawing and music, and I remember spending all my savings on music records. Most of the time, what drew me to these bands was the design of their album covers, and opposite to what is said about books, a good cover usually meant there was good music behind it.

After finishing high school, I started a degree in Marketing at the University of Granada. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my studies and I found that many of the creative aspirations I had as a child were unfulfilled. Motivated by this, during my second year of studies I simultaneously enrolled in a graphic design course at Estación Diseño.

My experience during this course was transformative, and by the end of the one year course I decided to drop my marketing studies and pursue a career in design full-time. This led me to ESNE University of Design and Technology in Madrid, where I spent the next four years. During this time I attended every workshop, conference and event I could find, which opened my eyes to the great potential for social impact that design can have.